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Our History

Based in Grampian since 1988, Julian Schmechel is a fourth generation craftsman, producing by hand, bespoke furniture and wood carvings in a way little changed since the early 1900’s.

Some of the tools he uses on a daily basis, were in fact, owned by his grandfather; giving a wonderful sense of continuity, with an age where quality was paramount.

At Burnside of Ballintomb quality and craftsmanship have always been uppermost, with both dovetail and mortice and tenon joints still being hand cut and fitted in the time honoured fashion. No electrical tools are employed to fascilitate carving; instead, German made 'Kirschen'  hand carving chisels are used throughout. Our philosophy has always been, that there is, ''No shortcut to quality''.


We have a small selection of images of work undertaken over the years, here you can see an array of pieces…..MORE


All furniture and wood carvings crafted at Burnside of Ballintomb’s, Clova workshop, are produced with the…..MORE


Julian is happy to discuss any commission a client may desire, and where necessary, will produce detailed…..MORE


Visit Burnside of Ballintomb’s, Clova showroom, and view our wide range of finished furniture and wood…..MORE

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