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Furniture handcrafted in Aberdeenshire.

Based in Grampian Region for over three decades, Burnside of Ballintomb Furniture Makers specialise in crafting handmade, bespoke, furniture and woodcarvings. Using seasoned hardwoods from both Scotland and the eastern United States, our work now graces homes across the U.K. and the wider world.

It’s very easy to lose sight of just how much furniture we have produced over the years, but really, it is a mountain! Looking back over old photographs, even I am surprised by the wealth of furniture and woodcarvings to come out of our workshop; and by how much younger I look standing by them!

After a prolonged, cold winter, spring erupted only a few weeks ago, before moving seamlessly into a sea of summer green. The swallows, for so long absent, are once again nesting in the workshop rafters above my bench, where I fit dovetail joints or carve heraldic crests, to the accompaniment of their magical, musical chatter.

Over the coming weeks and months, and throughout the changing seasons, viewers of this new blog will follow the progress of work commissioned by our clients. From selecting the rough-sawn timber, through carving and sanding, right up to the last coat of wax polish being applied, you will see handmade furniture being brought to life. Who knows, you may even witness the workshop swallows fledge their new chicks!

One of the next pieces to be carved, is Burnside of Ballintomb Furniture Makers new logo; a Pictish wild boar. As we are at the heart of the ancient kingdom of the Picts,(Rhynie, a few miles away, held a Pictish palace) this subject seemed highly appropriate, and combines our passion for our craft with a love of the natural world. Why not check in and follow its progress on the blog.

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